Saturday, April 3, 2010

On the Design Wall

I’m back from Hollywood Land and glad to be back home in my studio. It has been hard getting back into a schedule so I spent some time getting caught up on those things that have to been done for the three guilds in which I am involved. I am doing the theme quilt for the Kings River Guild, “Flower Pots”. I am using very different fabrics from ones that I would normally use. These were samples and a background I used in another quilt. The fabrics are very busy so I am not sure how it will all come out in the long run, but it is worth the try.

For the Orange Blossom guild we are doing a patriotic quilt, here is the third installment, The first two are in my February retreat blog.

Here are the block of the month for Common Threads that is due next month. I like getting all of this out of the way so I can spend sometime on other things and not have to be pressured at the last minute. I need to spend time on the Common Thread Mystery Quilt. It is due in June and I want to have it for a wedding present in July. I also have to work on the 60’s challenge quilt and that is due in June also. I’m getting stressed just talking about all this.

We had a relaxing time in Hollywood and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel, next to the Kodak Theatre were the Academy Awards were held. Here’s the view from our window. See the Capital Record building in the distance.


I hope to share my quilt from the class I took today, but not till I have some more done. It will just remain a mystery!

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