Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One of my most treasured Christmas presents!

Sara Kelly gave this to me for Christmas.  I am so totally in love with this.  Thank you, Sara, I will always treasure this.  There is nothing like a gift from the heart and hands.

Christmas 2012

This was the quietest Christmas we have ever had.  In all our time together, Jeff and I have never not celebrated with any kind of family.  We spent Christmas Eve with "The Hobbit" and then dinner at BJ's Brewery.  Christmas day was us sharing a few gifts with each other and talking to the kids on the phone.  I think next year we should just go on a cruise!
We did have some friends over on the 21st and I made 20 coasters to have for the party.  It looks like I'll be teaching some of the ladies how to make these.  I feel like I cooked for days and if you know me you know I really don't cook much.  It was a great party and we all had a good time. 
I taught a half day class at Bolts in the Bathtub and stayed to take the Magic Stocking class.  

Here are some aprons I made for some friends for Christmas.

I made all the grand kids (5) aprons too.  Of course, I was in such a hurry to mail them I didn't get any pictures.  Here are Keira and Ephram (wearing his backwards) with theirs.  Ephram is not so sure about it but I tried to explain that they are not only for cooking but art work too. 

I also made bags for each of the kids.  I layered fun goodies on canvas then covered the front and back with plastic and quilted through it.
Here is Becky hugging her bag.

A friend of mine, Mary, makes these wonderful caps and I just had to get one for each of the kids.
 Keira loves hers.

And so does Daniel.


Here are Serena and Lexi getting ready to open presents.  Christmas this year was lonely but we are so thankful for the health of our children and grandchildren and that is what is important.

Here are the great shoes Serena got me for Christmas.  They are Ed Hardy shoes with crystals!  I am in love with them.  

Needle Divas Christmas Party

Our friendship group, Needle Divas, met one Monday in December for a great Christmas party.  We were only missing Kathy who has moved to Colorado but we were able to talk to her on the phone.  As you will see we had a great time.
This is the quilt I made for the name I pulled.  It's called "Peace Like a River".  Look below to see who it was made for!
We played more than one joke on Linda. 
Leslie received the most decorated bag. 
And these are Leslie's socks.  She has a great sense of humor. 
We enjoyed Grace's hospitality. 
                                                              Linda loves puzzles.
 Little did Susie know she would receive Steeler goodies from Grace.
Carol received this wall hanging from Leslie. 
Barbara received a basket of goodies.

And here is Sara receiving her quilt from me.  This quilt has been forming in my mind for sometime and it was always meant to be Sara's.  So glad I got her name.