Monday, September 26, 2011

How about some more!

Remember my "99 Half Log Cabin Blocks On the Wall"?  Well, Saturday was our class.  I had only 5 students but we all had a great time. Never teach in September.  It's a very busy month so there were some people that wanted to take it but could not.  I hope I will get to teach it again sometime.

Here are my students and some of their blocks.

Linda B. and her block

Karyn and her block.  Love the Halloween theme.

Becky and her blocks.

Linda M. and her blocks.  She's going to hate me for this picture.

And here is our third Linda in the class.  We didn't get a picture of her block but she promised to send one soon.

What a fun day!  Although I did not get to go to Pismo with friends to quilt I had a very busy week and weekend visiting my grand kids, drinking beer at Brewbakers with Martina and Stephen, shopping in Fresno with Debbi, going to guild, painting fabric with Sara and Barbara, teaching, going to the anniversary party, visiting my Sunday school class and friends at church and finishing the week with an awesome steak lunch at Katrina and Eric's house.  It was a long trip home (I guess I have to call this apartment home now) but it is good to be back on a schedule even if it is cleaning and laundry.  Three friends from church are coming Thursday and Friday to make a baby quilt for the lastest baby in the church.  (By the way, her name is Anna!)   Friday we are going to Irvine to see comedian John Pinette (look for him on UTube, he's very funny) then Saturday we get to look for a house again.  So a very busy week!  Last I will leave you with a picture of Ephram and Keira I took Wednesday on their way to Awana's. 

Second posting of the morning

While I was in Hanford this past weekend, I attended the 50th wedding anniversary of our friends Bob and Barbara.  At the last minute, because I kept forgetting to get the picture from their daughter, I made this little quilt.  The picture is very light because for one thing, it is old, and the other it was over the Internet.  You can't see it very well but the ribbon says Moments to Remember and I also beaded the ribbon.  It's just something little but they seemed to enjoy it.

Orange Blossom Quilters Challenge

Thursday night I was able to attend our monthly meeting of the Orange Blossom guild in Visalia. Our challenge this year was "Victorian Garden". We were given a picture of a seed packet and a poem as part of our challenge. We were also to have a three dimensional item on our quilt.

Here are the entries.  The two on the left won, the first for overall favorite and the second (Sara's for best quilting).  The large flower won also but I cant remember for what (Sorry Becky, I cant remember!) and then mine on the far right won for Best use of Theme.  It was a fun night and I enjoyed seeing everyone again.

Here is mine and of course, I had to add beads.  I hand beaded the trim, lace and tassels.  I searched the Internet for the rest of the seed packets and printed them on fabric  I also made three dimensional flowers.  I hope you like it.  I do!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Presents

Our Loose Threads Art group met last night and I had to stay in Valencia so I could not be there when Karen received this piece I made for her.  She wanted something to do with fairies.  I have been going over ideas for months, went to Beverly's and found this fairy.  It was a Christmas ornament.  I added extra ribbons and beads (of course) and found this fabric in my stash.  I quilted the flowers in gold metallic thread.  It took me two days to quilt it.  I like it a lot and had a hard time giving it up.  I know it is a little different but I hope Karen liked it anyways.

This was the quilt that I gave to Barbara last week when we had lunch.  I don't remember all she wanted but I had this fabric and I wanted to practice thread painting on it.  It was fun to quilt and then I beaded the centers.  I didn't want to give up this one either.

This is the one I made for Sara.  Her theme was "Cracked".  Well, the strip is cracked alright.  It actually is split down the middle.  I trimmed it with different braided yarns then beaded the yarn strip.  I added beads along the bottom.

I hope they all had a great time last night and hope they set a time next month that works for both Janice and I to attend.

Well, back to beading my Orange Blossom Challenge.  I hope to have it done today and go on to something else.  The reveal is next week so you will have to wait patiently to see it.

Have a great day and go quilt something!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from Retreat

 I had a great time at the Kings River Quilters retreat in Wonder Valley. It was so good to talk to people after being down here in Valencia with the Starbucks guy the only one to talk to during the day. Kings River has the nicest ladies in their guild. We had fun talking till two in the morning, eating too much food, receiving all sorts of goodies from Julie and making her cry with the blocks we gave her. The weather was beautiful and it even rained on Saturday for about five minutes. I think I spent more time talking than sewing but these are the things I got done.


        I worked on my center of the Vintage Moments class I am taking.  I had to catch up with my students. 

I made four pillow cases to cheer up our bedroom.

I made six place mats for a friend of mine.  I still have to make the napkins.

And of course, I went shopping.  This is for some aprons for my granddaughters.

I best get to setting my sewing stuff back up.  It's fun to go on retreat but now back to the real world with more laundry to do!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bowl Class and other ramblings

I took a class a little over a week ago from Linda Matthews thru the Orange Blossom guild and made these bowls.  I was going to  be her helper but thought it would be more fun to make a bowl.  I made two!  She didn't need my help anyways.  It was a fun class although there weren't many in the class.  They are going to be jealous when they see all the beautiful bowls everyone made.  As you can see I am already using mine.

I have been working hard trying to get things done but they are things I can't show yet.  One was my Whisper Challenge and it is already off to the next person.  Next are birthday presents.  I am behind or I was.  They are done and ready to go.  They are for members of my Loose Threads group.  I took pictures before I wrapped them up but can't show you till next week.  I am going to Hanford tomorrow to have lunch with my friends so I don't want them to see them till tomorrow.

Life here has been tough the last few days.  We went to look at houses but can't make any offers yet till escrow on the farm closes.  There are more delays.  The buyer is just sitting there waiting to hand over his money.  Stupid bureaucracy!  I just want to start escrow on a house so I feel like I have something to look forward too.  I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hopefully there will be something out there when we can buy.

I miss my life so much!

Now off to work on my Orange Blossom challenge.