Monday, September 17, 2012

Table runners, place mats, napkins and furniture

Picture is sideways but you get the idea!  I took a International Mystery Class st Bolts in the Bath Tub last month and we made the stars.  Well, I didn't need another small lap quilt so I made them into twelve place mats.  I had to use every scrap because they were out on the yellow and sunflower fabric.  There was enough of the blue so I made napkins.  They looked so plain so I embroidered them  The I made reversible napkin rings out of the leftovers.  They are just waiting to be used when the kids come this week.

Then I decided to make table runners and napkins for the women's tea that was at my house this past Saturday.  Crazy, right?

I made sixteen napkins and the napkin rings out of memory wire and glass pearl beads I had bought a few years ago.  

The centerpieces were made by Idelette who took vases, inserted plastic cups then mints between.  Clever!

Now onto the furniture I have been painting.

My favorite piece. (Dinning Room)

Living Room.

Entry way.

Living room.

I even painted this metal urn I got at a thrift store and picture frames.

Now the excitement begins.  The kids are all coming this week.  I haven't seen Serena and Lexi since February and Jeff hasn't seen them since December.  They were all here for Christmas (the week we moved in) so the only ones who have been here since then is Eric and Katrina and their kids.  I hope they like what I have done so far.  Still have lots to do but I have run out of time.  Now to clean and get the laundry done!