Friday, January 28, 2011

Post Cards and Lexi's Sketch

I am the chairperson for the Sunshine committee (well, really I am the only one on the committee) for Orange Blossom Quilters in Visalia, CA and I am sending out four cards of encouragement this week.  It is hard to know what kind of card to make for someone who has lost a loved one, but I think the first ones will work.  The second set are for those who have had surgery the past month.  I hope they bring a smile to the recipient's faces.

Here is the sketch I promised you of Lexi for my story quilt.  I wonder when I will get to it.  We stopped at Thimble Town on our way to guild last night and Jeremy wants to know when the store samples will be done and he has another one for me when the pattern comes in next week.  I have to learn to hide from him when I go in there.  Guess what I will be working on tomorrow!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Road 2 CA goodies!

I picked up a few stencils I thought I might use.

 And some books (three came from Joanne's on the way to Road - on sale!)
Some "cheddar" fabric, ric rac, a pattern and fabric for a birthday present for one of my granddaughters.
I didn't buy any thread which is totally unusual for me.  I always buy thread but we are on a very strict budget right now.

And here is my birthday card from Debbie.  This really brightens my day!


Here is the quilting I did on Karen's quilt.  I especially like the borders. This is all free motion because I hate marking.  I sure hope she likes it.  I also did another one for her that was 30's fabrics.  It is cute and sweet.  She was coming down this weekend but has injured her shoulder.  I hope she gets better soon and comes down to pick up her quilts and visit.

Orange Blossom quilters is this evening and here are the blocks of the month.  They have decided to do a pieced block and an applique block.  Of course, I had to machine applique!  I hope the fog isn't bad this evening because I am going to do all I can to get there tonight.

I did discover that I have almost no dark blues in my stash.  Time to collect more fabric. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hoochy Mama!

Here are my blocks from the class I took at Road 2 CA.  They are pretty busy!  I am going to use them as my border for my story quilt about Lexi.  Tomorrow I hope to show you my sketch for my quilt.  This is as far as I will get for awhile, till I have another block of time.

Here is some of the quilting I am doing on Karen's quilt.  This is all I have done so far (besides all the ditch work).  I am off to work on it some more. I hope to work the rest of the day on it while watching (really listening to) NCIS.  That's my favorite show to put on since I know most of the episodes.  It's relaxing.  Notice I didn't go with feathers.  Just couldn't make it happen.  Maybe in the border.  I'm just not that traditional.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mary Lou and Cherries Too!

Here I am with Mary Lou Weidman (check out her blog - on the right side of this blog you will find sites of interest - click on Mary Lou Weidman) in her Hoochy Mama class.  These blocks were so liberating!  What fun we all had.  You can tell by the next picture that we got a lot done in one day.  There were 24 students in our class and they were all fun to be with and productive too.
It was hard to get them all in one picture.

Here is one of my blocks.  When I get the rest unpacked I will post another picture.  I am hoping to teach this technique, from her book and with her permission (which I already have), sometime next quarter.  I am not sure I like my backgrounds.  They are a little busy but these blocks will go on my story quilt that I am doing of my granddaughter Lexi.  I am going to make more for my class quilt in a different background.  I will probably use the color "cheddar" that Mary Lou has used in a lot of her quilts.  I just have to start collecting more fabric!

I hope to start quilting a second quilt for my friend Karen this afternoon.  I'll take some pictures of the quilting and post them because I am going to try feathers again.  It's all about the practice!

Monday, January 24, 2011

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to go

Today is my birthday and I was already to go to our Loose Threads Art group but the foggy was so bad we had to cancel.  So here I sit, now in sweats, watching boring TV and drinking diet hot chocolate.  What a drag! 
Had a good time at Road 2 Ca last week.  Hope to have some pictures to show you tomorrow.  Took classes from Mary Lou Wiedman.  Fantastic teacher but the story quilt I am making is going to take months.  Her quilts were amazing and so much work involved.  I hope to begin working on mine this week.   I'm excited about it and am already planning another one in my head.
I have also been thinking about developing some patterns to teach so that I am teaching my own stuff.  It is always hard coming up with that new idea.  I'll keep you posted.