Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best Of The Valley is over! How very, very sad!

The show is over! It was so much fun and now it feels like a let down. I have been preparing this for almost a year and now all the stress and preparation is done. I had a great time talking to so many wonderful people and seeing such fantastic quilts. Quilt shows do motivate you and I am looking forward to getting back to work. It’s time to refocus.

Here are some pictures of my quilts at the show. Some of my quilts did win ribbons. They weren’t all up on Thursday when I left so it was a surprise when Martina had gone through the show and said I had won some ribbons. I won three 2nd place ribbons and one Hon. Mention. I am very excited and the comments were very helpful.

    Here is a picture of Linda (my quilt show mom) and Suzi (my quilt show step-mom) with the quilts I made for them (out of two of my projects from my Loose Threads Art Group - from Fearless Design). Needle Divas met today at my house where Linda and I worked on Loretta’s Presidents quilt. The top is done and Linda will quilt it sometime in the next week. We hope to show it at the Orange Blossom guild meeting and then hand it over to her family. The tribute to Loretta at the quilt show was very touching and I think her family was appreciative of all the quilters that supported Loretta.

Kay - It was so great meeting you at the show. I hope to see you with a blog soon. Everyone loved your quilt. We had donuts this morning because your quilt inspired us!

I have so many projects to work on, I wonder what I will feel like doing tomorrow!


  1. Hi Anna,

    I was thrilled to meet you as well. Hope you enjoyed your donuts! I don't get one until Friday. (We always have lots of food at work on Fridays. My boss and I always fight over the pink donuts.)

    Your work was beautiful. Congratulations on your ribbons.

    Hope to meet again soon,

    Kay "Quiltedtime" Pennington

  2. Anna,we will need to talk about the judges comments. Especially on your bella quilt since you were so worried about that one. It turned out gorgeous by the way.

  3. Do you actually read the judges' comments? I almost never do. I'm usually pretty aware of what worked and what didn't. Some of it is soooooo subjective, anyway.