Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm back but leaving again!

Here is an example of my work from the Reinvention Conference with SAQA in San Francisco last week.  What an experience!  We attended two days of conference information with panels and speakers, mostly fiber artists.  I was very impressed with the level of intelectural stimulation that surrounded me.  It seemed that there were many who had degrees in fiber arts, unlike the quilting world I am use to.  Nothing like feeling like a little fish surrounded by large sparkling fish in a large pond.  (Sounds like a quilt to me!)

I took a class in infusing light into your work.  I was totally unprepared for this.  There were 12 students in my class and most were professional fiber artists.  Boy, was I out of my comfort zone.  We learned to wire a circut of led lights, hooked lights to a button battery, and were instructed to use a string of 35 christmas lights into a project.  For this quilter it was a real stretch.  I struggled with how to use lights in something other than a quilt, working somewhere other than my own studio.

Here is my circut that we wired and my first project.  It has three led's inside but I need a different setup for the led's.

Jeff and I are getting ready to head off to Hollywood.  Jeff has some kind of Water conference.  We are staying at the hotel that is next to the Kodak theatre where the Academy Awards were held.  I will be people watching, shopping and just relaxing.  Next week (the 9th - 11th) is the Best of the Valley quilt show.  The fun begins.  I can hardly wait.  I am so exciting.  How fun to spend three days surrounded by quilts and friends!

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  1. I have been waiting for you to update the blog and tell me what you thought of the conference. Can't wait to see your creating in real life.