Friday, December 2, 2011

Barbara's Birthday present

Here is the quilt I made for Barbara.  It if for National Zipper Day in April.  She wanted a holiday quilt.  We had a fun time coming up with different "holidays".  This is made from zippers, of course, and some of my hand dyed fabrics.  I really want to do some more hand dyeing but this apartment is not conducive to that.  Maybe some day!

The End of Vintage Moments

Here are some of my student's work from the last Vintage Moments class I taught two weeks ago. 

                                           This is Barbara and Janice's pieces.

By the end of the class Barbara had most of her top done. 

Here's Linda B.'s center.  Don't you just love the soft colors.

Here is Sara's center.

I was not able to get pictures of every one's but hopefully they will send me pictures.  This was a great class and I have the greatest students.  I hope they learned at least one thing from the class.  It concerns me when a student says they haven't learned anything new.  I always learn something especially when I am teaching.  I hope my students learned something and had a great time while doing it.