Thursday, April 8, 2010

All Set Up and Ready to Go!

The show is almost here. We set up my booth this morning in Lindsay. Linda Matthews and Suzi McVickers did all the hard work. I was surprised at how much room I had for my quilts. Here are some pictures. (My pictures seem a little foggy in the middle, something I need to check into.)  There are some also around the corner.

I took a look at all of the quilt entries. There are some amazing quilts and some very talented quilters. I feel challenged when I look at all those quilts. Someday I would love to have a best of show or judges choice ribbon on one of my quilts. It is something to strive for. I was able to see my quilts that I entered. No ribbons! Oh well! I am still featured artist and loving it. My Nights of the Round Table, my favorite quilt, looks terrible. It doesn’t hang right. I blocked that quilt and thought it was fine. Lesson learned. Hang your quilts before you enter them to see if you need to make any adjustments. I had hoped to enter that in other shows but have since changed my mine. It will just have to hang in my living room for my family to enjoy. They are all very supportive. They will love it.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to spend three days around my friends, both those working the show and those visiting, around so many beautiful quilts, and it looks like there will be some great vendors as well. Remember to check out the website and blog for Best of the Valley and come and visit me at the show.


  1. Wow mom!!!! Looks great!!!! You are amazing!!!

  2. I'm sure your booth is even more fantastic in real life and I can't wait until Sunday to see it.