Friday, July 13, 2012


This quilt was made by Barbara Sawyer and I forgot it in the line of Whisper Challenge quilts.  So it is now corrected.  Check the last  post to see where it fits in.  Thanks Janice for the heads up!

I visited and joined the Antelope Valley Quilt Guild last night in Lancaster.  Nancy Rink was the speaker and was very enjoyable.  I enjoyed getting to know some of the ladies and look forward to going back.  Now I just need to get the Loose Threads to change our meeting dates as they conflict.  I really miss my other guilds and find it hard to fit in but I guess it takes time.  I'd like to go to the retreat but it interferes with Houston. 

To kill time before the meeting I stopped at Bolts in the Bathtub and picked up some fabric for a quilt I have been asked to make for my sister-in-law.  She wants a purple Asian style quilt for her employee who is retiring.   Now to decide on the pattern.

I have been working on my Material Girls Challenge - scrappy half square triangles.  The top is finally done but I'm not sure I can quilt it.  I'm not a very good machine quilter and it is so busy I don't know how to quilt it even if I could.  How do you quilt a scrappy quilt?

The workmen are here working on the last electrical panel for the solar.  Next we wait for Southern Cal Edison to give the OK to hook it to the power grid.  You know they are going to take their sweet time about it.  With this hot weather they love all the energy we are using.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Whisper Challenge (Finally completed) Post 1

Well, after fourteen months of work the Loose Threads finally unveiled our Whisper Challenge this past Saturday.  Thank you to those of you who attended.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  
The Whisper Challenge - Each person picks a photo or picture to use as their inspiration.  Then they make a quilt inspired by that photo.

This is my photo from our trip to Utah two years ago.

Then we make a quilt inspired by that picture and this is mine entitled "Utah Strata".  
 (I chose not to put titles on my quilts till after they were used for inspiration so they could not be influenced by the title.) 
We then pass our quilt on to the next person without the picture.  We are NOT to show our quilt to anyone in the group.  This was difficult for me because these are the artists I go to for help.  But we made it through.

The next person makes her quilt inspired by the one before (my quilt) then gives the owner back their quilt and passes theirs on to the next person.  
 And on it goes.

Who says you can't get wine from a rock!

It is so interesting how everything was interpreted.  We are all at different levels and have different quilting styles as you will see in the other posts.  Their are seven of us in Loose Thread so their are seven lines to follow.  I posted seven posts to cover all the pictures.  I hope you enjoy our over year long excursion into the art quilting world.

Whisper Challenge Post 2

Whisper Challenge - Janice Minyard's Line
Here is her inspiration picture.

This one is mine entitled "Winter".  This is one of my favorites and the last one I just finished.  I used the fabrics I printed from the rubber stamps I made and some left over fabric I had painted. 

Whisper Challenge Post 3

Whisper Challenge - Barbara Swayer's line

This one is mine entitled "Music of the Night"

I love how Sara's comes back to the original colors without her even knowing it.

Whisper Challenge Post 4

Whisper Challenge- Grace Hoya's Line
Graces inspiration picture (hard to see)

Mine - "Flight of the Butterflies"

Whisper Challenge Post 5

Whisper Challenge - Barbara Sindlinger's line
This is the picture she started with.

notice the neck looks like an eggplant - I think it was in her title

Sara called hers eggplant Parmesan. And it goes from there.

This is mine entitled "Tomato in a Sea of Eggplant"

Whisper Challenge Post 6

Whisper Challenge - Karen Taber's Line
(I don't have the first picture, but it was of her uncle in a large hat.  Notice face in top right hand corner)

This is mine entitled "Sticks and Stones".

Whisper Challenge Post 7

Whisper Challenge -Sara Kelly's Line

This one is mine entitled: "Where's the Zebra?"