Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Remember the pile of leaves?  This is the result.  I think I got carried away with the embellishing.
This quilt was done for the Orange Blossom Quilt guild challenge.  We were given five 5" squares and a word plus a design concept.  My word was "spotted".  There are some spotted frogs but I just wanted to incorporate frogs because my grandson loves frogs.  That was my starting point.  It is entitled "I spotted frogs in the forest".  18" x 30"

This piece was done for our art group.  We were to do this fabric faced windows.  I choose to do circles and then use plastic from a bag which I had gotten curtains in, and made them into bubbles with fish from the jewelery making section of Joanne's.  We were given the word "tranquil" and I quilted the meanings of the word in the background.  It was originally square but it didn't work for me so I trimmed it to a circle, trimming a lot of the quilted words out.  You really can't see them anyways.

We had a great vacation and I hope to have a few pictures once I settle back in.  I hope you missed me because I missed all of you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Pile Of Leaves and Postcards

Here are the leaves that I am working on for the next challenge I have to  finish.  I am still in the planning stage but am happy with these three dimensional leaves.

I took a post card class from Judy Stevens at the Orange Blossom guild last Saturday and here are my postcards.  I really learned a lot and am excited to make some more.

Here are my pre-printed butterflies with a fabric frame background.

Here is my attempt at an ocean scene.  Notice the little crab charm.

This was just pre-printed fabric that I quilted.  Maybe it needs embellishments.  Any suggestions?
Here are the skulls I cut out of the material that Serena left from making purses when she was here in July.  I love the stick on spider.

We are going away for a few days to Las Vegas and Utah for our 30th anniversary, which was Monday.  I am really looking forward to the time away but not sure if I can be away from my sewing machine for that long.  Ten days is a long time.  I went to Michael's and stocked up yarn so at least I can knit and crochet in the car and in the hotel room at night.  Can't be idle!

Here are the gorgeous flowers my husband sent me for our anniversary.  They are starting to wilt but notice the beautiful vase.  Red, my favorite color.  That will always bring back memories!  Thank you, sweetheart, for the thoughtfulness and looking forward to our anniversary dinner at Bobby Flay's in Las Vegas!