Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Happening?!

 The bug guy came to spray this morning inside and outside the house so I have to be out for four hours!  Wasn't planning on that long.  So here I am at my hubby's office, with Starbucks, working on my blog.  Aren't you glad!

When I was in Hanford, Jennifer and Teri wanted to see some of my art quilts.  I ended up selling five of them.  Awesome!  Didn't know they would like them.  Now I know what to make them for Christmas!

Strip Club was earlier this month.  Here is my sample.  It's not quilted yet because I ran out of batting.  It's on the way!  I also made a table runner with the scrapes I was going to throw away.

Tiffany and I visited three quilt stores during the Central Valley Shop Hop.  Here we are at Thimble Town.  Giddy-up!  
 Tiffany and I have such a great time together.

Last week I spent four days in Monterey with Jeff.  He had a conference to attend so I went along for the ride.  It was beautiful of course.  We ate too much and drank too much but I got to sew.  These blocks are from a quilt design by Don Linn.  We are hoping to make it into a pattern.  He already has the templates and some directions but they need work, so that is my project for the next month.  I hope to have the top done soon.  

I also started working on the next block of the month I am doing with Bolts in the Bathtub.  It's done with civil war fabrics.  I'm five months behind but the first month is 20 setting blocks.  I finished them this past weekend!  Now if I can just keep going...

Our Art Challenge group met yesterday at Bolts in the Bathtub.  
I demonstrated different free motion quilting techniques to use with art quilts and brought in several quilts for them to look at.  Our group is getting smaller and I hoping it's because May is such a busy month. 
Here are some projects that were brought in.  The first is from our class on three dimensional leaves and flowers.  I love it!  Isn't it just beautiful.

The next few were from our class on rubber stamping and stamping with other objects.  These girls decided to use what was in their yard.  They also used Tulip brand paints.  I think I need tho try this.

I especially love this piece done with an artichoke leaf.  I can see a cool quilt with this!

The next adventure in quilting this week is to finish the next section of our ongoing Prairie Star paper piecing class.  Then off to Hanford Monday for Needle Divas and Loose Threads, breakfast with Katrina and the kids (it's Becky's 6th birthday today, Ephram's 8th tomorrow), an eye doctor appointment and maybe some goofing around in Visalia.  Then off to another Doctor's appointment Wednesday in Santa Clarita.  If any of you are interested the doctor said my heart appears to be fine but I'm having some major issues with my  lungs and my oxygen levels. More tests this past Tuesday so hoping for results next Wednesday.

That's it for now. I hoping to go back to the house soon so I can quilt!