Saturday, May 28, 2011

I take classes too!

Yesterday I took an embellishing class from Priscilla Gerard on couching threads, etc.  I wasn't prepared because I had only received the supply list the morning before amd did not get home till 10:30 that evening.  No time to prepare but had a great time and learned so much.  Charlotte was gracious and let me use her pattern.  She also promised to help me with the fit.  I'm  going to make a vest and am taking Priscilla's bead embellishing class (you know me and beads!) at the end of June, so it won't be done for awhile. 

Here are the students in the Calligraphy on fabric class I took with the Orange Blossom guild today.  There were about 15 of us and I had a great time.  The teacher, Stacy Hurt, showed us some amazing art quilts Thursday night.  She was so fun to listen to.  She always had a story to tell. 

Here are Pat and Adena working hard.  It is so good to have Adena back. You better stay here for awhile, Adena.  We missed you!

Looking so serious.

I just love Ali's smile.  So glad she could come even though she had surgery on her foot and had to keep it up the whole time.  That's dedication!

Here is Stacy and her beautiful daughter, Ellen.

And here is Linda.  It was her birthday today and Elaine told her she had to bring her own cake.  It was delicious, Linda!

I really enjoyed the class and had the most fun when we got to the fabric.  For some reason calligraphy on paper was boring.  I went to Borders on the way home and got so books.  Now to practice!


  1. The calligraphy class was lots of fun. I went and got another parallel pen to take on vacation. When you make your own cake, at least you get what you want!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I've had better classes. Maybe it just wasn't my day.