Saturday, May 28, 2011


I finally get to post this quilt.  This is the Circle of Hope quilt that I will be teaching and I could not post it till Jeremy quilted it.  It is now up in the store so now it can go on my blog.  There are still three other quilts that I want to post but till they are up in the store, it's not going to happen.

I'm also teaching some other classes.

You saw Hochie Mama already.

But here are two versions of the Vintage Moments quilt I am also teaching.  I just love this quilt and have started another one that I would like to finish with my students.  This is an intense class but not hard.  Just labor intensive and you learn so much.  I hope students are signing up.  I know one student wanted me to pick out fabric for her quilt, which I did yesterday but I hope Hiley doesn't go into sticker shock when she sees how much it is going to cost.  Just the background and the border is about 8 yards!  Figure that out in today's quilt store prices!

I'm also teaching two machine quilting classes and a travel bag class.
Check out Thimble Towne's Website.

I would love to see you as my student.  I promise we will have a good time!


  1. I signed up for the Vintage Moments class. Got to shop for some background fabrics yet.

  2. I signed up for the machine quiltingI class! I am so excited to take the class. I am determined that I am going to learn how to machine quilt!