Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Keira (3), Daniel (1), Ephram (5), and Becky (3)
Lexi (2) with her Grandpa Jo (Robinson in Penn.)


We celebrated Ephram's 5th birthday and Becky's 3rd birthday Sunday at our house.
Here they are with their ice cream cakes.  Just because we celebrated together doesn't mean they don't get their own cakes.  (I made them take the rest home!  Too tempting!)

We bought Ephram his first big boy bike.  He was a little afraid to ride it but I hear by the time he got home he thought it was the best present he received.  You better take care of it, Ephram, and wear your helmet. 

Today I'm feeling a little at odds with myself.  Maybe it's because I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night but maybe it's because I am not sure where my focus in my quilting life and quilting friendships are right now.  Things have been changing and I feel as though I am drifting away and sometimes I feel like I am the odd man out.  Talk of retreats, get togethers, sewing day, Party Party, Shop hops, Quilt shows and road trips circle around me and I seem not to have a connection with any of it anymore.  Maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself and a little overwhelmed but no one really reads these things anyways so I will just write to feel better.  I have just quit working at my secretary job and have gotten my schedule for teaching and realized I won't have much money.  I didn't get all the classes I wanted but then again I wanted more time at home to work on developing into an artist (that's suppose to be my goal) so why am I complaining.  It must be a hormone thing. I did have a nice lunch with my three sister-in-laws yesterday. Thanks a lot for noticing I lost 60 lbs. (That's sarcasm for not noticing but I guess it's not apparent yet since I have so much further to go!)
I guess I should get back to the studio.  I'm going to make a table runner for Katrina to take back to Iowa this June for the family they are staying with.  Maybe some mindless quilting and a Jesse Stone movie will help my spirits.

But I have to leave you with this picture of Stephen helping his son ride his bike.  Is there anything  more precious than this.  So stop complaining, Anna, and get to work!


  1. Anna, sorry to hear you feel you're out of the loop on things. I always think of you as a leader. You have been very busy and you are involved in so many guilds and groups, that I can't imagine the time you have to sew. We have room in the car for the shop hop if you want to join us - I think we figured you'd be working at Thimble Town. If not, call or email me and I'll give you the details. We'd love to have you with us. (You can help us keep Elaine reigned in. :) hahahaha) You know I always look up to you --you are my "quilting idol".

  2. Anna, What do you mean that "nobody reads these things"? I really like reading your blog! You are very insightful and very articulate in your writing! I can empathise with you because of the fact that we both have girls and had several grandchildren that came very quickly! I would love to be as "artsy" as you are but alas...I am just a traditional quilter that needs a pattern for everything that I do. I spend my time reading quilt blogs and dreaming of the wonderful and beautiful quilts that are so inspirational to me! It has been a little difficult for me to find my niche since retirement. So I do understand the feeling Of being displaced with talk going on around you. You have a wonderful and giving heart, you are very talented and you are loved and respected by many! Blessings and peace to you! :)