Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something to get me through the day!

Our Loose Threads art group is starting a new book Monday evening and I am demonstrating the first in a series of techniques that we all hope to put into small art quilts.  The book is called Fabric Embellishing: The basics and beyond.  It has over 50 techniques.  We are starting with fabric weaving.  This is the second one I did and the one I like the best. 
This is the first one with 3/4 inch strips and satin stitch as recommended in the book. The satin stitch seemed to pull the fabric but that could be the tension on my machine wasn't set right.
I hope to show you next month how we incorporate this technique into a quilt. 
I had to spend sometime blogging today just to put yesterday behind me. I am also having a hard time concentrating.  Two of our grandchildren (Ephram - 4 years old and Keira - 2 ) were in a car accident yesterday.  They were hit by a guy in a pick up running a red light.  They are fine.  Still shaken up and a few bruises.  Stephen's mom was driving and is pretty banged up but thankfully no broken bones.  It is a miracle since the vehicle they were in rolled two times and ended up on it's side.  Thank you Lord for car seats that were installed properly.  Remember to secure your children properly in car seats that are appropiate for their age and weight.  We thank God for His protection over them.   

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  1. So glad the kids are okay. How scary.

    (I'm looking forward to tomorrow night.)