Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Little Bit of Something

With all the craziness at our house I can't seem to find time to get to my machine (which of course is even harder to get to because of all the things piled on top of it).  But I did manage to make these birthday cards.  I took part of a border print sample from a fabric distributor, and sliced it up inserting bias strips of orange and yellow, and then quilted them.  I had so much fun just fooling around.

The grandchildren  needed some fun pillow cases so I made these at my friendship group.  I think they are fun and cheerful and I hope they like them.  Of course, Daniel didn't get one since he is only 3 months old. 

A few more days and Serena and Lexi will be back in Virginia.  We will miss them but we know they will be glad to get home, back to a normal life.

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