Friday, July 9, 2010

I Finished Two Purses!

I finished the bags I have been wanting to make for my friends.  I have been trying to use the material in my stash or as I heard the other day, My Fabric Library!  I am finding that I am becoming very limited by my ever decreasing fabric supply.  I guess it's time to buy more fabric!  Maybe Jeff won't read this!

Here's Lexi and "Papa" (Jeff) with her minkie tag blankie that I made for her.  I made her one when she was little but between the babysitter and her dad's house and her mom's house she really needed another one.  She sleeps with it and you know how kids are when they do not have their blankies.  Lexi and Serena leave tomorrow for Virginia.  We will miss them so much!

I guess I will have to drowned my sorrows in quilting.


  1. You did a great job on those!!I like 'My Fabric Library'. so funny!!

  2. I love the watercolor background.