Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coasters 101

This all started with this pile of 50 coasters that I are made for my daughter's MOP's group.  We will be making 400, 4 for each of the 100 ladies expected this year.  I thought you might like a lesson on making coasters and you can give me a lesson in how to keep my mouth shut!
1st, select 5 - 5" squares, fold and press 4 in half
2nd, lay the flat 5" square RIGHT side up, then lay a folded square on top with the fold TOWARDS the center of the square.

3rd, going clockwise add another folded square on top with the fold always going toward the center.

4th, add the next folded square on top.
5th, weave last piece under first
6th, pin.
7th, sew 1/4 inch all the way around
8th, clip corners.
9th, turn right side out through center.
10th, poke out points
11th, press, you can top stitch all around the edge but I choose to skip that step, due to the amount I have to make and it really is not necessary.
Now enjoy.  These are a lot easier than posting this tutorial!!!!

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