Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Keira!

We celebrated Keira's birthday yesterday (a few days early) and here she is with the quilt I made her.  She loves quilts and always wants to take them home with her.  This one is for her bed. 
Here is Jillian with the bag I made her.  She was so excited that it was finally finished.  I'm anxious to hear how her friends liked it.  She wanted one to take to school for her books.  I hope it works out for her.
I spent all day quilting this table runner for my Machine Quilting Class 2.  Jeremy wants the students to come with a specific project to quilt.  So each student comes with the top of this table runner sewn and then we quilt it in class.  These are not my colors at all and it was difficult to get excited about it but we wanted something that would show the quilting.  I did enjoy the quilting but it is amazing how long it takes to quilt even just a small table runner.

Tomorrow is our Loose Threads group but I have to miss it due to an Orange Blossom Board meeting.  I really need to be at the Board meeting.  Besides I don't even have my project for Loose Threads started.  I think I now know what to do but I need to find the time.  Why does that always seem to be an issue?

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