Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enjoy the simple thing in life...

Like the first strawberries of the season!

I hope you take the time to read this and at the end I will explain.

A mom's Ode to coffee

Opening my eyes, I realize my alarm is going off. What, is it morning already? Just a few hours ago I was feeding the baby now the morning is calling me. The bills need to be paid. The laundry hamper is bursting and the kitchen sink is overflowing with dirty dishes. The day's work is calling me. I push myself out of bed and head toward the kitchen. Before I can begin to tackle the days work, I must first get my start up fuel, coffee. Yes I need that wonderful dark elixir of life sustaining fluid. That delightful wake inducing alert medicine I can't do without. God so wonderfully gave us the beans to roast and to brew into a drink to assist us in a productive day. I must have coffee! I enter into the kitchen to see the coffee maker sitting on the counter ready for me to add the required ingredients to produce the delicious dark liquid. Before My hand could make it to the coffee pot my young daughter walked in. "I'm hungry mama." The baby soon followed with cries from his bed. Ok, I will get kids breakfast, then I make my coffee and relax and enjoy it. I get the baby and put him into the highchair as my daughter climbs into her chair at the table. Drinks first for the kids, milk for the baby and chocolate milk for the older one. Next bananas and toast. That is quick and easy breakfast to put together so I can get back to the coffee pot. Once the kids are settle I grab the coffee pot and fill the desired amount of water. I think I'll put in a little extra water in case I want an extra cup later. I pour the water into the maker and pull out my canister holding the coffee grounds. Opening the lid my nostrils are filled with the bold aroma of the coffee grounds. The neurons in my brain start to fire. Almost there. Ok, water in? Check. Grounds in filter? Check. Alright hit the on button and wait for the magic to begin. By now my daughter wants more and the baby has turned what was left of his banana to mush in his hands. I cleaned the baby up and gave him the crusts from his sister toast then I made another piece of toast for my daughter and some for me. I set the plates down and remembered I don't like eating without my cup of coffee. I grab a mug from the cupboard and add sugar and milk to it and head over to the coffee maker. Is it ready yet? No! I have to wait some more? I should not have added the extra water. It causes the process to take longer. I wait impatiently with my mug in my hand. Soon my head is starting to hurt demanding coffee. Yuck, a lack of caffeine headache. I waited too long for my coffee and now my body is demanding it. I can hear the sucking noise of the coffee maker pulling the last bit of water from the reservoir into the filter with the grounds. Almost there. I can see the coffee going from a steady stream into the coffee pot to just a dribble. Ugh, I can't wait any longer. I grab the pot carefully to make sure no extra drips fall out and pour the steaming liquid into mug. Finally! I replace the pot to finish the process and grab hold of my mug. I bring the mug to my lips and savor the aroma before I take my first sip. The neurons start to fire some more and I take that glorious first sip. A tingling sensation runs down me after I taste the bold flavor of the coffee. Yes! I have my coffee. I quickly take more sips. Ah, I fell better already. I turn back with my coffee to my breakfast which is now cold. My daughter and the baby are done with their breakfast and are ready to be let loose. Breakfast will have to wait until the children are settled down with some toys to distract them. Oh well, that's ok. At least I now have my cup of coffee.

Remeber a few posts ago the picture of my two grandkids in the middle of the hallway with the cereal surrounding them?  Well, this was written by my daughter, Katrina, their mother.  For those of you who were mothers of little children, you remember those days and the struggle just to get the day started.  This just touches my heart.  I remember when I was a young mom, there was a little poem about forgetting all around you, just spend time with your children.  We sometimes forget the little things in life, like how important our first cup of coffee is as we settle into our day with our children.  Take joy in the simple things!

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  1. Your daughter is very gifted in written communication! I loved the story! I so remember those days and have seen some of that in my own daughters too! What precious memories we do have as mother's and grandmother's! I am loving this stage of my life as I'm sure that you are too!