Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mary Lou and Cherries Too!

Here I am with Mary Lou Weidman (check out her blog - on the right side of this blog you will find sites of interest - click on Mary Lou Weidman) in her Hoochy Mama class.  These blocks were so liberating!  What fun we all had.  You can tell by the next picture that we got a lot done in one day.  There were 24 students in our class and they were all fun to be with and productive too.
It was hard to get them all in one picture.

Here is one of my blocks.  When I get the rest unpacked I will post another picture.  I am hoping to teach this technique, from her book and with her permission (which I already have), sometime next quarter.  I am not sure I like my backgrounds.  They are a little busy but these blocks will go on my story quilt that I am doing of my granddaughter Lexi.  I am going to make more for my class quilt in a different background.  I will probably use the color "cheddar" that Mary Lou has used in a lot of her quilts.  I just have to start collecting more fabric!

I hope to start quilting a second quilt for my friend Karen this afternoon.  I'll take some pictures of the quilting and post them because I am going to try feathers again.  It's all about the practice!


  1. All those blocks ont he wall look really cool. I'm glad you enjoyed the class and had fun with Mary Lou!

    I'm also glad you hung out with us at Road!

  2. What fun! A friend just sent me a link to this blog and I love the photos and the fun here! So glad to have found you!