Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hoochy Mama!

Here are my blocks from the class I took at Road 2 CA.  They are pretty busy!  I am going to use them as my border for my story quilt about Lexi.  Tomorrow I hope to show you my sketch for my quilt.  This is as far as I will get for awhile, till I have another block of time.

Here is some of the quilting I am doing on Karen's quilt.  This is all I have done so far (besides all the ditch work).  I am off to work on it some more. I hope to work the rest of the day on it while watching (really listening to) NCIS.  That's my favorite show to put on since I know most of the episodes.  It's relaxing.  Notice I didn't go with feathers.  Just couldn't make it happen.  Maybe in the border.  I'm just not that traditional.

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