Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday

Here I am in our new apartment and things are better this week. Last week was pretty emotional but I am doing better. And I finally have Internet here. We are off to Hanford again this weekend. We found out our house needs to be ready to rent by Monday. We are now in Panic Mode. We maybe working all night to get it ready. Not looking forward to that.

This is the latest project that needs to get done.  I am teaching this quilt at the Orange Blossom Guild next month but need to have this top done in the next two weeks.  It is my own design and I decided I wanted it bigger.  So I continue to work on it.  I spent the last two days getting entry forms and quilts (sleeves and labels) ready for two quilt shows that are coming up.  I needed it all done by this week. 

Here are the ribbons I won at the Kings County Fair in July.  This was the first time I entered.  I entered ten quilts and received nine ribbons including two best of shows and a $44 check.  Not much for best of show but I guess it will buy four yards of fabric.  There isn't a quilt store here but I found the Beverly's Fabric Store today.  They had some really nice fabric but not the thread collection I am use to.  Nobody has thread like Thimble Towne!
It was Ephram's first day of school Monday.  I spent the night Sunday so I was there for his first day.
He is so excited to learn to read.  He just keeps saying he wants to read and do science.

Here is Ephram with sister Keira and teacher Mom.


  1. They have a good guild out there Anna. They may know a good source for thread. Here it is one of the Sew-Vacs in town. Great job on your wins!!!

  2. Oh Ephram is such a little man now and glad he's excited about school (and science).

    It was fun seeing you last night. I hope you get all the stuff done that needs to get done this weekend. Jeff thanks you for the bike!

  3. Glad to hear you are getting settled. cute pics of the kids:)