Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Top is Finished!!!

I finally finished the top of the quilt I am going to teach at the Orange Blossom Guild.  I haven't made a quilt this big in awhile (70 x 84).  It is an original design so now I have to spend time making up the pattern.  I call it "99 bottles of beer".  It is made with 99 - 6 inch blocks.  I actually would have made it a little bigger but I ran out of the light blue star fabric.  I have seven blocks left.  If I only had 4 - 1 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch pieces I could have made it one more row bigger.  I did not have even a 1 inch square left.  Besides I didn't really have any time left.  I even mitered the borders.  I hope it lays flat for Linda when she quilts it.  I am not always good with borders. 

I found two bead stores today.  I forced myself out of the apartment and went shopping.  The first bead store called "Beads & Other Stuff" was a friendly little store that I know I will spend more time at.  The other store, though closer, was a little cold and not as friendly although it was a bigger store.  It is nice to have a choice.  Now if I can only find a quilt store!

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