Monday, March 28, 2011

Trunk Show!

Here I am giving a trunk show to the Nipomo Guild. The ladies (and one lovely gentleman) were so wonderful.  They made me feel right at home.  I had a fantastic time showing one large suitcase of somewhat traditional quilts and  one of art quilts.  They all seemed to like them.  The test is how many questions they ask after the trunk show.  They asked quite a few.  I was so blessed to be able to spend the night with my friend Sue and her wonderfully sweet husband Dennis.  I look forward to doing this again (both spending time with Sue and doing another trunk show on the coast), I hope!

Here is the finished quilt.  I spent quite a bit of time quilting it.  I am trying to challenge myself not to cop out and just do an overall design when the quilt is busy.  This is good practice and I love the end results. 

Any suggestions for the name of this quilt?  The winner will receive a fat quarter from three of the fabrics in this quilt.

I taught this handbag class and had one student so I was able to make this one during the class.  Of course, I had a great time because Sarah was the student.

This week should fly past in a flash.  I am teaching three classes this week, working two mornings, our Loose Threads group is meeting (my quilt is finished and I will show you that soon), other appointments and a dinner to go to Friday night.  I look forward to Saturday just to quilt!

The weather should be beautiful this week so if you are in California get outside and enjoy it.  Off I go to teach class.  Taking my camera so I can show you my students beautiful work!

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