Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little Bit Of Green

"Top of the morning to you!", happy St. Patrick's Day, and to my precious grandson, Daniel, Happy 1st Birthday! 

I just thought I would share a little of what I have been doing this past week and all the green that was involved.  First, this is the theme quilt for Orange Blossom Quilters.  It is a new little quilt each month.  This is March.  It's not quilted yet but I finished appliqueing the leaves this morning (green thread!)
I just got this quilt back for the quilter (Jeremy), and have yet to put a binding on it.  I ran out of material and thought I had something but it looks like I have to go shopping.  Do you think they will have green material for sale today?  This quilt is called "Lydia's Irish Dream" for a friend who is going to graduate this year from high school, she loves Ireland and the color green.

Remember this quilt from the last post?  Well, I took it to Thimble Town to get something for the border and with some help realized I didn't like the green I had used for the settling triangles.  I brought some mottled pink and orange home (which I used only a small portion of the three yards I bought!) and I also brought home another fabric which I did not use.  I finally went with my instincts and used a batik green I had and made the border with triangles (which had been brewing in my mind for sometime).  I am a lot happier with the quilt.

The color green has taught me so much this week.  Go with your instincts.  Trust your self.  If it doesn't work you have only your self to deal with.  If you take someone else's suggestions over your own instincts, and you are not happy with it, you still are going to be upset with yourself, and now someone else. Don't under estimate yourself!  This is a lesson we can all learn.

I will end with some pictures of the Common Threads Block of the Month and my gifts from my secret pal at the Kings River Quilt Guild.  HAVE A GREAT (GREEN) DAY!


  1. I love your Irish Chain. Looks like you have a good secrt pal.

  2. Nice work Anna. Looks like you have been having fun. That's why we all quilt. To have fun. And for me to relax. Plus to be with the good friends we have met thru the years.

  3. I like the new green on your 9Patch Pizzazz - it looks like it has a little orange and yellow in it and goes much better - less stark. The best part about that quilt is it is so busy you don't have to do very fancy quilting because you won't see it.
    I'm loving the OBG's block of the month - we see Elaine work on it at Party Party Party.

  4. Hi Anna! Thanks for the postcard.

    I agree- that batik takes that quilt to a whole new level. And you know me, anything with orange and green is a winner. My favorite color combo!

    miss ya!