Monday, October 18, 2010

The saga of the flour resist project!

This is the beginning of the story.  Our art group project for this month is to make a flour and water paste, apply it to fabric, let it dry, crunch it up and paint it.  Then clean it all off and make an art quilt using the theme "graffiti".
Three of use got together to start the process.  We stabilized our fabric to form core board and off we went.  We took our projects home to dry and I put mine in the backyard.  Little did I know it was going to rain.  It never rains here!  Of course it was under the patio that is not a solid cover and water, dirt and sap from the unsealed (new) cover got all over my projects (I had 3 started.)  Oh well, let them dry again and just think of it as developing art.
So some days later time to paint over the flour resist.  Then after it dries, wash it all off. These are my results.

The third one was done with potato flakes that Sara's dog kept licking while it was drying.

It really is not as yellow as it looks (photography).  I decided to use this one for my project since I was going to cover it with paint.  And in my usual style I went overboard with the paint.

Now this project has to be done by Wednesday and today is Monday and it has to dry.  I only came up with an idea yesterday.  I finished painting it and left it outside and guess what.  It started to rain yet again!  This project is just domed.  It has to dry so I can cut it up and sew it back together.

I hope to have the final results soon.

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  1. Well, yours came out better than mine. It's so subtle on my fabrics. Can't wait to see everyone's finished pieces.