Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Remember the pile of leaves?  This is the result.  I think I got carried away with the embellishing.
This quilt was done for the Orange Blossom Quilt guild challenge.  We were given five 5" squares and a word plus a design concept.  My word was "spotted".  There are some spotted frogs but I just wanted to incorporate frogs because my grandson loves frogs.  That was my starting point.  It is entitled "I spotted frogs in the forest".  18" x 30"

This piece was done for our art group.  We were to do this fabric faced windows.  I choose to do circles and then use plastic from a bag which I had gotten curtains in, and made them into bubbles with fish from the jewelery making section of Joanne's.  We were given the word "tranquil" and I quilted the meanings of the word in the background.  It was originally square but it didn't work for me so I trimmed it to a circle, trimming a lot of the quilted words out.  You really can't see them anyways.

We had a great vacation and I hope to have a few pictures once I settle back in.  I hope you missed me because I missed all of you.

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