Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Motivation - Please anyone!!!!

Not motivated at all.  Spent sometime in my Studio cleaning it up hoping I would be motivated by space.  We'll see.  There are too many things looming over my head that need to get done.  I really need to be working on my 60's challenge that is due in a few weeks, which I haven't started.  Also need to finish the mystery quilt, work on theme quilts for two different guilds. Today I will vow to at least get something cut out for my 60's challenge.  My sister-in-law has a bag of trims for me to pick up and we keep missing each other.  She has a drapery business and has saved me samples.  Maybe those will motive me.  I'll also make an effort to pick those up today.  Sometimes we have to find new ways to motivate ourselves.  Any suggestions of things that motivate you?


  1. Anna,

    Are you really not motivated or simply overwhelmed by the choices of where to direct your energy? Lots of projects going on here... Certainly sounds like your mind is leaning in several different directions. If that is the case, I can really relate.

    Sometimes I just want someone to come into my studio and TELL ME what to work on. But the truth is, I wouldn't listen to them anyway. It's my choice.

    When all else fails, I go out to the garden and prune rose bushes until I know what to do.

    Hope this helps,



  2. Nothing motivates me more than a quilt show...check around and see where the nearest one might be...treat yourself to a day of eye candy. It always gets my motor running.

  3. I can sympathize with you. I have started collecting more supplies for the 60's challenge and since the Shop Hop is this weekend I won't be home all weekend either. Too many things with deadlines. Would you like me to tell you what to start on? If you do, I would say get the trim, then go home and finish the mystery quilt. There is no thinking in that but it will get you sewing. Then you can work on the 60s quilt.

  4. Pick one and work on it for 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes. And then you will feel that you have made some progress. Often that 10 mintues turns into 30 or more. And feeling like you got 'something' accomplished is often the best motivator. Just 10 minutes. At a time.

  5. When I stay out of my "woman cave" (current name for a very messy studio) for awhile, I very quickly miss it. I guess deprivation leads to motivation. We Americans are so work and goal driven. Right now your left brain is flogging you. What is your right brain saying?

  6. Go find the world magazine article on Margaret's hope chest.