Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm At Road to California and I Started a Blog

With the help of my friends, sitting on the bed all designing this blog.

Today's class was Thom Atikin's on beading. Even though I took a class, I still found plenty of time to shop - it's amazing how much damage can be done to the pocketbook in such a short amount of time. Lunch breaks should be shorter.

I will post pictures of some of my favorite quilts of the show at a later date (when I'm home and on my own computer. )

Until then, I'll leave you with one of my latest creations from the Material Girls 2009 Challenge.


  1. Well, I didn't write this for you very well. You can easily edit this Anna. I'm going to post a link to this blog from my blog! So excited for you.

  2. I see this pic and now I wanna drink some wine!