Friday, January 22, 2010

I Need Your Advice

I am so excited about having a blog and sharing ideas with my quilting friends. Of course it took me a week to get back here after Barbara, my quilting and computer mentor, set me up.
Road was fantastic! We couldn't have asked for better weather, especially if it had been this week. We could have gotten stuck on the Grapevine or washed away. I am so thankful it was last week. The quilts were amazing and inspirational. There are so many talented quilters out there. It was a privilege to see their work.
Now I am back and realize I have one more week to go before the Best of the Valley quilt show crew come to pick my quilts for the show. Where did the time go and why didn't I get more done!
I need some help on the quilt I really want to get done for the show. I am quilting on my Bella, Bella quilt (which needs a name, by the way) and need some quilting ideas. I have no idea what to do with the french braid border. Do I stitch in the ditch? Do I quilt over it with a feather pattern? What thread do I use? What pattern do I use? HELP!
So if any of you have ideas, please post.
I do hope to write more often and hope to explore your blogs too.


  1. Go Anna! Have no idea on quilting - I just did in the ditch in the center of mine - but didn't have a fancy border to quilt. I guess it would depend on what you did on the outside.

    We need to connect you with quiltersblog now so you'll get more comments and maybe some help. I'll email you the links.

  2. Hey Anna! I am so excited to see how your blog progresses! As for quilting..... the only thing I would consider is what would emphasize what? Maybe feathers would balance the intricate piecing inside.....but maybe ditch would let the piecing be star? It is beautiful. Here's a funny name: Fancy Pretzels. ha ha!!

  3. I think if you did feathers or something too intricate on the outside then it will take away from the center... I cant think of a name but it reminds me something from an old church or the knights of the round table... I know its so off the wall but thats just what i thought when I saw it... and I love it!!!