Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Last night our "Loose Threads" art group met and we celebrated my 52nd birthday! What fun! Deo made a fantastic cake (need that recipe!) and this doll. Isn't it fantastic. The rest of my friends made me my own "snake" quilt. It is 6 inches wide and has five panels that are 52 inches (how old I am). That's 260 inches of love. Thanks Grace, Barbara, Barbara, Adena, and Sara. There is nothing better than celebrating your birthday with friends. Though I have to say I had a great birthday with my family on Sunday.

I took a class today on how to use my Bernina 820. We had fun and boy did I learn a lot. I can hardly wait to use Razzle Dazzle for some bobbin work. It was easier than I thought with this machine. I was quilting on my 730 yesterday while my machine was being updated, and I really missed the space and light on the 820. If you have never seen one or tried one out, you must. It's fantastic!

I have some ideas on the quilting of my Bella Bella quilt I posted last time. Thanks for all the help. I hope to show it to you when I am done. It is now named "Knights of the Round Table". Thanks Serena!

Back to the sewing machine. Keep on quilting!


  1. so did you figure out the tension problems?
    Glad you liked your "snake".