Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Recovery in more ways than one!

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?  This has been a difficult year.  

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?  This has been a difficult year.  
This quilt is a Judy Neimeyer quilt pattern that I have been teaching and mine is finally finished.  I've been working on it since December and as it turns out I probably have been sick almost that whole time.  This quilt is now called Recovery.  As it turns out I spent five days in the hospital the last week of August and had 20 gall stones removed and my gall bladder.  The doctors said this has been going on for sometime.  I'm a lot better now and happy to be done with this quilt and the physical pain also.  The quilt going to Vicki Wall to be quilted.  I would not be able to do it justice.

This is my last art quilt for Loose Threads.  I cannot continue going back and forth to Hanford and for other reasons it was time to say good bye.  The quilt was inspired by Lesley's inspiration picture below.  I made the fabric beads for Bolts in the Bathtub's art quilt challenge group.

Here is the previous art quilt for Loose Threads.  I actually painted this with inks.

 Here is Donna with her piece for our Art Challenge.  We made fabric beads and have been experimenting with mixed media (paper) on fabric.  The following are the beginning of some of Donna's mixed media pieces.

Then there is my Scrap Therapy Classes.  Here's one of the bags and the fish were from my students August class.

One of the Farmer's wife blocks I am working on. 

My latest patten.  The borders aren't on yet but the quilt is now at the quilters.  Patterns to follow soon. 

I'm teaching this table runner at Bolts.

I didn't make this but quilted it for my friend Tiffany Hayes www.needleinahayesstack.biz. She designed this for Andover Fabrics. I't going to Houston for Market in October.

I'm also teaching these composition book covers.

I have some more quilts at Bolts but forgot to take pictures.  Hope to have them up soon.  
Thanks for sticking by me.  


  1. It's nice to have you blogging again, Anna. I am happy your surgery was successful.

  2. Welcome back, Anna! Glad to hear that your surgery made you feel better. Here's to the new and improved you! :) I look forward to seeing more. :)