Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

Whether it shows or not I have been very busy working in my studio.  Somethings are not finished yet and somethings I forgot to take a picture of.  Well, more for next time.  Anyways, here is the strip club quilt for July.  I choose Halloween fabrics just for something different.

I also discovered using a Dremel tool in my studio for art quilts.  Not sure what I will do with them but they are ready to go.

In my down time I am working on beading this panel type quilt.

I also incorporated some Pinterest ideas in my studio.

Spending time with family has been important.  Here is my Dad and Serena.  As I post I am in Stockton waiting for my sisters to arrive for a day celebrating my dad's 81st birthday.  We will go on to Redding on Monday to see the kids and bring them back to Acton for a visit.

Cody is growing and Katrina and the family will also join us in Acton.

Here is some student action.  Just thought you would like to see I do have students and they do work hard.  Here are the ladies working on their Scrap Therapy Bags.

 My art students have been busy too.  These are samples from our free formed curves demonstration.  Looking forward to the end products.

One of the students brought in a quilt that she had made demonstrating the use of mixed media.  Love it!

The next few weeks will be consumed with family and some more traveling.  I did get to go to a quilt store in Las Vegas, Stockton and next week will be Redding stores.  Look forward to pictures of fabric and projects from those excursions.  Keep quilting and try to stay cool!

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  1. I love that purple is now a Halloween color. It looks like you're busy!