Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm going to teach again!

Bolts in the Bathtub in Lancaster asked me to teach next month.  This is called The Roll of the Dice and is from the Stack the Deck Revisited.  I hope I have students.  I had to whip this out in just a few days and had Linda Matthews quilt it for me before I leave for Virginia on Monday.  I dropped it off on Friday and brought my Vintage Moments to show and they are setting classes up for that.  I'm so excited.

Here is what is really taking my time up!

This is the before of our bedroom.  We spent last weekend painting.  We also had a french door put in since the pool is just off the bedroom.
I still need a headboard, which we decided will be either old shutters or doors, and some end tables by the bed.  I also have more decorating to do.  The problem is I don't have anything to decorate with because this house is so different.  I'm having a hard time "accessorizing".

We painted the kitchen today but still need some pictures and accessories.  Hope to show you soon!


  1. Lookin' good!!! Linda

  2. Can't wait to see the house in real life. So glad you're teaching again. I've been working hard on quilting my vintage moments this past week and ALL DAY TODAY. Have fun in Virginia.

  3. Love the quilt very colorful, where are the "beads." It was so good to see you last month.

  4. The house looks great!! So glad you are teaching again, you are a great teacher. Have fun!