Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Day In The Sun

We spent the day at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg on Tuesday.  It was so hot that Serena, also sick, almost fainted while waiting in line to take Lexi on a ride.  She felt so bad that she had to get out of line and made Lexi cry but we had to get fluids into her.  Here we are at the water play section which we should have stayed in all day.  It was way to hot to be out in the sun.

Lexi and Nana trying to keep cool!

Lexi on the Carousel.

I almost passed out also.  But after lots of water and soaking my head in water I was able to enjoy my beer in German town (I thought of you Grace!  I think it was the best beer I ever had.)  It never felt so good to get into the air conditioned car.  Lexi was out in 3 minutes and slept all the way home.
I think today we will spend the afternoon at the air conditioned Mall.  I need some shopping therapy!

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