Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aren't birthdays great...

...when you finally get to celebrate with friends!  Yesterday, I finally got to spend the day with two of my friendship groups and they celebrated my birthday.  First, Needle Divas met at Grace's and she put on a great lunch for us.  It was a little sad because there were only four of us.  Five were missing including our special friend Kathy who just moved to Colorado.  We all miss her very much!  But I did receive a card and fat quarter from her.  Thank you Kathy!
Notice the dish towel from my Needle Diva friend Carol!

Then our "Loose Threads" art group met during the evening.  Here are my birthday banners.  Each one made one to reflect their own personalities.  I just love them!  I have a special place all set to go but I need to work on the tabs to hang them.  Stupid me forgot to tell them how deep to make the tabs for my hanger.  When I get them hung I will post a picture.

I just want to thank all of you who have stuck by me even though I have been very lax in posting.  I hope to change that.  Stay tune for more productivity from me!

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  1. Hi Anna, met you in Mary Lou's class last month. Love your birthday banners.