Friday, February 8, 2013

Now for the arty side of things!

I had the privilege of taking Judy Coates Perez at Road to California a few weeks ago.  The class used tea bags as paper in which we traced pen and ink prints, used gel medium to attach to fabric then painted them.  We also use stamps, stencils with paint sticks, napkins and other papers, and was not so successful with the Thermal fax screen.  Although it looks like a big mess, I still plan on quilting it.  I loved the class and hope to use these techniques again.  Maybe not all in the same quilt!
I have been traveling a lot so I haven't gotten much done and I will be in Virginia for three weeks.  But I just got my new computer and EQ7 so while I'm gone I will be making virtual quilts. 
So as we are already done with the first month of the new year, I begin my new venture of designing my own quilts to teach.  I met with Don Linn when I was in Redding and was truly inspired.  I have my team of proof readers all set up and my mentors brains picked.  Now it's my turn.  Stay tuned for some new ideas from me!

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  1. I still don't see what you mean about a big mess! I like it. Have fun in Virginia and enjoy your new laptop and EQ7.