Thursday, June 21, 2012


These are the nice notes that my friends left me after the retreat we had this past weekend at my house.  We had a great time so I thought I would post some pictures.
 All ready to go!
I decided at the last minute to make coasters to use in my studio.
 Diane and Barbara working very hard.  They both seemed to get a lot done.  In fact, Barbara ran out of projects and was gracious enough to help Sheila.
 Kathy in her little (big) corner.
 Not a very good picture of Sheila, Janice way back in the corner and Lynn.  Diane's quilt is the the wall.  The center is red work.  It is absolutely beautiful.
 Pam in the comfy chair crocheting.  Surprised her by figuring out her pattern for her when she got stuck.  I think she underestimated my determination to figure it out even though she is better at it than I am.
I love this picture of Sue because she is always smiling and cheerful.
 I made these coasters, place mats, and napkins for Martina and Stephen for their anniversary.  She got them yesterday and they are already on their new table.
 I made this quilt for a friends new granddaughter and quilted it this week.  Already to send off.
This little baby quilt went to a lady at Jeff's work.  I guess she just loved it especially the colors.  Jeff warned me not to make them for all the babies born.  There really aren't that many people at his work but he said one lady just had triplets!  Now wouldn't that be a challenge!

Well, back to quilting Andrew's quilt.  I hope to get it done this week.

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  1. Thanks for showing a before picture - I wasn't there to see that. It was great fun and you and Jeff and great hosts.