Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have been busy in the quilt room (apartment extra bedroom) quilting some little quilts and also busy outside the apartment.  Here is a piece I just finished.  A few weeks ago Sara, Barbara, and I got together and played with decolorant.  This is a piece I did on black rayon.  Then I quilted it with metallic thread and beaded the edge.  I'm not sure if I like it.  It looks childish or maybe it's because it is more "artsy".

This is a piece I made from scraps of some hand dyes I did sometime ago.  The more I work with my own fabrics, which I do not have many of, the more I like it.  I think once we move, I want to do some dyeing.  This is called Cattywampus.  It is for a friend who was criticized for using that word.  I like the word and since I could not get the squares and rectangles to look straight, hence the title.
Last week I went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival.  There were some amazing quilts but there didn't seem to be as many as last year.  There were too many vendors.  I really didn't seem to come home with that much stuff for all the money I spent.  Some patterns, thread, projects for Christmas presents and more decolorant.  I did get an embellishment book that I have almost read from cover to cover.  When I make some of the embellishments next week I will post them and the book title.  On the way back we stopped at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  I just had to take this picture for all my friends who are coffee lovers.  Besides her clothes being made out of everything coffee, her boots had coffee beans allover them.

On Saturday I taught the fifth in a series of six classes on the Vintage Moments book by Marsha McCloskey.  Here are some of the centers of the class.  Three of our students were missing but I am hopeful that they will be there next month for our last class.  We came up with another class to be done in a series for next spring but I have to make the quilt first.

Well we are in escrow on a house in Acton.  We are still waiting for the farm to close but are hopeful that all will be in order and we can move in on Thanksgiving.  Believe me, it cannot happen soon enough!

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  1. Your decolorant piece looks very wintery-ish. Is decolorant similar to the bleach thing we did with Loose Threads?

    Sorry again about missing class. Who else was missing? I didn't see Janice and Elaines centers and I know they had them done. I'm really liking the purple and green one.

    Keeping positive thoughts on the house for you.