Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back in Town

Just got back from Ripon where Elaine and I spent most of the week quilting with Barbara.  We had a fantastic time.  The only thing I finished was this diaper bag for Katrina.  I used a Simplicity pattern (they should change there name because it was anything but simple) and fabric that Katrina picked from my stash.  I had to bring it by her house first thing this morning so she could use it.  Katrina and baby Daniel are going to her sorority reunion today.  Next time I will spend more time looking for a pattern geared toward a quilter.  Katrina loves it and that is all that matters.

Here's Barbara and Elaine working hard during our "mini retreat".  I spent some time on the theme quilt for Kings River guild and also a quilt for a friend but didn't get either finished.
Spent alittle time this morning checking the blogs I follow.  You should check out she does some amazing quilt kites and small landscapes.  She has motivated me to work on my art quilts, so I may do just that this morning.  We are going to San Jose to pick up Lexi and Serena from the airport this afternoon, so I am a little anxious and need to quilt to calm down.


  1. What a great bag!!! I love bags too!!

  2. Looks like fun. I love quilting with friends:)

  3. Hi Anna! I am impressed with the fabric choices for the baby bag. Good taste! and NOT cutesy, which is cool! = )