Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finished last quilts for BOTV

Here are the last of the quilts I finished for the Best of the Valley. I have hit a dry spell. I spent so much time thinking about the quilt show and working on quilts, that now that it's behind me I can't seem to focus on any project. I'm going on the Orange Blossom retreat this weekend and working on some blocks for Material girls, mystery quilt, baby quilt for next grand baby, and just some little things that don't take any imagination. Then I'm off to Virginia. Hope to go to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show and hope to be inspired. I also hope it doesn't snow!
Received the supply list for the class I am taking at SAQA Reinventions Conference. I think I am over my head. I don't understand half of what they want. And I have to have two projects to work on. What was I thinking? I'm not ready for this!


  1. Very nice! I like the blues and greens you chose. I understand what you mean about not being able to focus after finishing quilt show projects. I finally finished my quilt for our guild show at the end of January, and once it was done, all I want to do is hop from one silly project to another. Delightfully fun, but sure messes up the sewing room. Just playing I guess...which should be what quilting is all about :-). Some of us just have a way of turning it into a lot of work.

  2. Have fun at the retreat this weekend. Love the girl quilt. I'm sure it looks even better in real life. And don't worry about the conference - you go to things like that to learn.